Voices Within

Writing Prompt #107 “Passenger”

“Do it,” It whispers with a voice only I can hear. A pain like nails digs into the space behind my eyes; I bend over with a searing headache.

“W-why?” I manage through clenched teeth.

“Because you want to. You know you do.”  The thing inside me turns into anger.  Anger alleviates the headache by burning it away.  I lift my head as the heat boils within.  “You see them there with their smiles, their easy life of friendships and boring. You can burn it to the ground.”

I look at the student body from my corner in the cafeteria, where no one bothers to glance at me, not even to bully. I am invisible.

“You don’t have to be.”  The voice sears through my veins and creates burning images featuring my lunchroom peers.

I take a deep breath.

Then another.

Holding it in like it said on the internet: 6 seconds inhale, 6 seconds hold, 6 seconds release. 666.

The burning turns into a ball, coalesced in the center of my chest.  It is bright, so bright in my mind’s eye. I wonder how no one else can see.

With the exhale comes calm. With the calmness comes another voice, a softer one.  “They’re just living, each of them, trying their best to muddle along their adolescence.”

The words cause the tension in my shoulders to release, words like a melody, carrying peace.  The peace brings empathy.

I turn back to my lunch.

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