Concert Cure-All

A little something I wrote for #FinishThatThought after finding out a friend decided to give me her Taylor Swift tickets mere hours before the show.

The Challenge asked us to incorporate National Horse Race winners. I chose two names “Charity” and “Cure-All”. This story won the Special Challenge Championship. Without further ado, when excitement and fiction meet:

As they entered the concert, she realized that something extraordinary would have to happen if they were to see the stage at all. Short people had horrible luck.

She could stand on her chair, but the man behind them had already given her the stink-eye for balancing on the seat for only a second. Despite the fact that he was at least six feet tall, he “kindly” asked her to move.

The thing with concerts was that you paid nearly a week’s salary to stare at the back of heads.

Sarah didn’t mind, but Sarah was tall. “Can you see the pretty stage designs?”

I clenched my teeth. “I can’t see anything.”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “Don’t be such a spoilsport.

The lights dimmed.

“I’m not spoiling anything, I’m stating a fact.”

The crowd cheered, we cheered, swept away by the evening’s momentum. The screams were deafening. Our floor level seats placed us in the center of the excitement as it ricocheted down from the upper levels down towards the stage.

Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome to the stage Charity Cure-all!

“She’s coming out!”

I hopped on the tips of my toes. There will be sound, loud booming sound. I will get my joy from that sound. I tried to psych myself up, at least.

All I saw was the t-shirt of Charity’s face in front of me.

“Oh my god – do you see what she’s wearing?” Sarah asked.


“It’s, oh my god, Jen! Look!”

“I am looking, looking at –”

Then it happened: something extraordinary. The stage started to rise inch by inch, higher and higher until Charity Cure-all could look over her fans from far above ground level.

Charity Cure-all smiled from the edge of the stage, lights bouncing off the sequins from her octopus costume. It felt as if our eyes caught each other’s, she smiled, I screamed. “Let’s get this party started!”

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