Out to Roost

A Flash!Friday story:

Character: A talking rooster; Theme: Justice

“No one wakes up on time anymore,” Rob the Rooster told the horizon, perched on his spot on top of the hill. “I could crow from sunup to sundown and, still, everyone would wake up to their vibrating gadgets.”

Rob did not want to be replaced. Rob wanted to rule the waking hour.

“A plan is what this Rooster needs,” Rob considered under the fine morning glow.

He needed to get inside the gadgets. The humans had a constant connection with them. If he could control the devices, then his job of Waking Up The World (on time) would be massively successful.

Rob the Rooster needed a hacker.

Good thing his best friend is a Worm™.

It was easy to devise the plan, easier than resisting the urge to eat his friend. Worm™may be a genius – but he was still a worm.

If his friend noticed the inner conflict, it didn’t stop him from slithering into the nearest Wi-Fi hub and doing his magic.

The next morning, when the sun rose at 5:43 am, Rob the Rooster heard the echoing sounds of vibrating gadgets all throughout the land – his job was done here.

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