The Mighty Warrior’s Demise

I’m burning. The city presses down with each explosion as concrete blocks stack one, on top of another, on top of me. I’ve trained my whole life for this moment. I am a Mighty Warrior; I even have a belt that says so. But none of that seems to matter this morning. We were all taken by surprise.

“Help!” A scream comes from underneath. It’s burning below, like it’s burning above. The screaming continues and I try to move –to be the hero. I grasp the nearest bit of fallen stone and pull it to the side. It all moves too fast and more stones fall into its place, crushing. The screaming stops.

I’m going to die here.

I trained to be a Mighty Warrior and during that training I often wondered, “how will I die?” I pictured grand battles, I pictured victory. The weight of the stone presses closer…

Written for Flash Friday:
Setting: Besieged City; Character: Mighty Warrior

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