NaNoWriMo Day 3:

Passed the 5k mark!

A Bit About Today (and yesterday):

I’ve continued writing in multiple spurts instead of one long session and I see that reflected back to me in the pace of the story. Every scene seems to be its own contained beast, almost it’s own flash piece. I dig it.

Overall energy and enthusiasms levels are still at a solid 9.  They did dip a bit this morning, which I had expected to be my prime writing hours but I made up for it this evening and am back on schedule!

Favorite Excerpt:

His laptop sat asleep on his desk and he turned it on for the first time in days. The old gal slowly booted up as Cody made himself comfortable at the foot of Jake’s bed.

“I’ll be joining you shortly you sleepy mutt. Nothing screams hangover-cure like herding sheep first thing in the morning.”

His plan was to only open his email, until he saw a notification on his browser. A friend request from Vanessa McWilliams.

Jake accepted it immediately.

Then stayed up for an extra two hours looking through every photo she had ever posted – all to the sounds of Cody snoring.

This is what he learned about Vanessa McWilliams:

  1. She had a lot of different friends.
  2. She went to a lot of different concerts.
  3. She was bad at captioning or providing any context for her photos.
  4. There were a lot of guys.
  5. Some of those guys she had kissed.
  6. She hadn’t posted anything in over six months.
  7. She liked wearing the color black. (Jake liked to think it was accentuate her tattoos.)
  8. She had four and a half visible tattoos. A black and white lily on her shoulder blade, a deathly hallows symbol on her wrist, a tree of life curling around her rib cage, an ocean wave around her ankle and, a quote behind her right ear, that trailed down her neck to continue down her spine.

He could not decipher the quote on her neck and it drove him a little crazy. Around 2am he thought it would be a genius idea to open up a message box with her name on it.  He asked her what the tattoo read- before quickly deleting that and replacing it with:

Thanks for the friend request. Want to hang out this weekend?


How is it going for you other lovely WriMos out there? Thank you for your words of encouragement!

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