NaNoWriMo Day 15 – The Halfway Mark

Happy Sunday!

A Little About Today:

I started today almost five thousand words behind. I had to tell myself the whole day would be devoted to writing, to even feel like it was possible to catch up. Well, guess what? I did –


With the help of NaNoWriMo writing sprints I managed to get through a major plot arc (a camping trip that brings everyone together), add a bit of background (why can that dog also communicate with my protagonist telepathically?), and include some character development (teenage relationship angst galore!)….and with this run on sentence my novel sounds like, well, a mess. Ah, but a twenty-five thousand word mess. Yay!

Hello Act 2 – I’m excited to get started on you tomorrow!

Favorite Excerpt:

When Vanessa came out, she was on her cellphone and instead of heading towards the fire she walked away, back towards the cars. “It’s good to hear your voice too,” she said into the phone.

A pause and then a giggle. It sounded like her giggles from this afternoon and warm, prickly, jealousy crawled along his chest. His hand gripped a bit tighter around his book but to the casual eye it hardly seemed like Jake was even aware of Vanessa.

Benny was not a casual eye and he felt his friend’s gaze upon him. He ignored it in favor of straining his hearing to its very limits.

There was another giggle. Then the words ‘camping’, ‘cousin’, and weirdly ‘sheep’. Could that be about him? Had she told her other partners about him? She had too right? This was all about honest communication, wasn’t it? Like he had read on the internet.

Jake turned a page of Ishmael, because it had been a while since had and he could still feel Benny’s stare on him.

Vanessa was gone for a long time. It seemed like hours but it was probably more like twenty minutes. Benny eventually relented and Jake tried to let his attention settle elsewhere. He grabbed a knife and his stick and began to carve it into a staff. But every so often he heard a word or another giggle and the knife would slip and dig into the wood.

Finally, she strolled back from around the car, the ghost of a smile across her lips. It wasn’t Jake’s smile, and he hated the pool of relief that cooled some of the jealous fire raging in his mind.

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