NaNoWriMo Day 25

The end is near, the light at the end of the tunnel, just around the corner, fin.

I am ready.

A Bit About Today:

I started this afternoon at 37k and aimed to hit 41,666, the official target for the day. My focus waned twenty-five hundred words into it but I forced out another five hundred to hit a solid 40,000. 

I am happy to announce that my story, for the first time ever, will end when the challenge ends. The past two years I hit the word count but still had so much story to tell. Not this time. The irony? I didn’t even outline this one. I decided to use a generic rom-com skeleton and diverted when I felt it necessary. It’s really kept me in line. Today I wrote the fight scene that spirals us into the ending, right on schedule. 

Favorite Excerpt: 

His dad stood behind the kitchen island with an apron and a very real chiefs hat on his head.

“Where did you get that?” 

“Sean the bartender.”

Jake reached for a chipped mug from the dish rack and poured himself a cup of coffee. “I don’t want to know.”

“We’re doing Thanksgiving!”

Jake took a deep sip of the watery coffee. “We don’t have a turkey.”

“Ah, that’s where you’re wrong.” His father walked over to the fridge and pulled out an defrosted wrapped bird.

“Sean the bartender?”

His father nodded, grin pasted on his face impervious against Jake’s lack of enthusiasm. “He was heading to his family for dinner but had ordered an extra just in case he decided to keep the restaurant open.

“You know,” Jake pushed himself up onto the island, “it should raise some red flags that your best friend is the bartender.”

His father’s smile faltered. “He was my friend before he was the bartender.”


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m grateful for each and every one of you. Thanks for reading!

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