Best Small Fictions Nominee

Thanks to Ink In Thirds my piece, ‘2016’ was nominated to be included in the Best Small Fictions 2018  anthology. I am so honored to be included!


The piece can be found in Issue 9 here, and my other small fictions can be found here.

*fingers crossed*


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Happy New Year! Is February too late for that greeting? Probably. Out with the old and in with the new. But, for me, a part of 2016 rolled over into this year. My poem 2016 was published in this month’s Ink in Thirds magazine! It was an honor to be included!

Bartering Life

Hello lovely readers!

My story Bartering Life was selected for the Spring Issue of Sleet Magazine. Go check it out!

It starts out as a large bag of other people’s garbage, meticulously found over a week’s time. It is then sorted between plastics and other. The other he trades to Tim for chicken meat. The plastic is further sorted between color and clear for washing, but first he has to give two sacs to Nijari to access her water source.

Then, the washing begins. His soggy hands crack and bleed due to years of overuse, a cost of business that stings as he dips them once again in soap.

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