It Began

It began with a whisper. Sweet nothings breathed in my ear, their meaning sent goosebumps down my neck. I pulled you closer and whispered the words back. We made love.

It ended with a gasp. Your admission told to my face, the weight of your eyes buckled my knees. I pushed you away and screamed admissions of my own. We scorched earth.

It changed with a heartbeat. Proof of our love growing inside, the life of our child transformed my mind. I paved you a path and sobbed tears of joy. We made amends.

It transformed with a cry. The birth of a person, our tangible connection entered the world. I pressed you into my soul and made a small family. We lived life.

Puzzle Pieces

We build ourselves piece by piece,

fitting together as needed –

to survive, to thrive, to breathe.

We build ourselves piece by piece,

with sanity and self-preservation –

for dry eyes, for lover’s spats, for compromise.

We build ourselves piece by piece,

link our puzzle next to another’s –

with passion, with attraction, with hope.

We build ourselves piece by piece,

able to deconstruct the whole –

in growth, in adversity, in change.