In the Hallway

Written for Cracked Flash:

She bolted down the hallway, the children screaming behind her. Behind them was a man, a man with a water hose.

He held the nozzle down and the screams turned to shrill laughter. She barely got away, dashing through the bathroom door. She poked her head around the corner and observed her children under the kitchen fountain’s stream. In the moment, it did not matter that they had carpet or that they would need to dirty a clean towel.

Her son spun under the spray, head facing the ceiling as the cool water broke through the summer heat. Her youngest sat next to him, having fallen in her escape. Her hands rose upward and feet kicked in delight.

And over their shoulders, behind the nozzle, she met the eyes of the partner she loved and realized that in this moment lived her happiness.

Love’s Craft


Love brought color to this world.
We walked this path, hand in hand, the warmth of your coat around my shoulders. You lit me up and with that light the world was anew.

Love brought purpose to my world.
Your small hand in mine, a whiff of your perfume. I would walk this path and wait, for you. Then you’d turn the corner with a bright smile and the world was anew.

Love brought unrecognizable pain.
Flayed us open. Let the harsh wind scrape our most private of parts. You were mine, I was yours. The world was anew. Then the gods stepped in with their malicious craft.

Photo Credit: Xenja Santarelli via CC.

Written for: Micro Bookends.

Three Line Stories –

It’s Thursday! Head on over to Not3LineThursday for some fun. Here’s my last two submissions for a taste:

Prompt –  Wherever you are sitting, look up, write about something that you see ahead of you.

Wooden planks connect white cinder blocks,
In this uniform work cage.
I will soon be free; only to return tomorrow.

Prompt – The second person you loved.

You quoted Harry Potter and it was easy to say yes
to the date you asked me on. Then I tripped into you
during our first kiss; you petted my hair and laughed.