NaNoWriMo Day 15 – The Halfway Mark

Happy Sunday!

A Little About Today:

I started today almost five thousand words behind. I had to tell myself the whole day would be devoted to writing, to even feel like it was possible to catch up. Well, guess what? I did –


With the help of NaNoWriMo writing sprints I managed to get through a major plot arc (a camping trip that brings everyone together), add a bit of background (why can that dog also communicate with my protagonist telepathically?), and include some character development (teenage relationship angst galore!)….and with this run on sentence my novel sounds like, well, a mess. Ah, but a twenty-five thousand word mess. Yay!

Hello Act 2 – I’m excited to get started on you tomorrow!

Favorite Excerpt:

When Vanessa came out, she was on her cellphone and instead of heading towards the fire she walked away, back towards the cars. “It’s good to hear your voice too,” she said into the phone.

A pause and then a giggle. It sounded like her giggles from this afternoon and warm, prickly, jealousy crawled along his chest. His hand gripped a bit tighter around his book but to the casual eye it hardly seemed like Jake was even aware of Vanessa.

Benny was not a casual eye and he felt his friend’s gaze upon him. He ignored it in favor of straining his hearing to its very limits.

There was another giggle. Then the words ‘camping’, ‘cousin’, and weirdly ‘sheep’. Could that be about him? Had she told her other partners about him? She had too right? This was all about honest communication, wasn’t it? Like he had read on the internet.

Jake turned a page of Ishmael, because it had been a while since had and he could still feel Benny’s stare on him.

Vanessa was gone for a long time. It seemed like hours but it was probably more like twenty minutes. Benny eventually relented and Jake tried to let his attention settle elsewhere. He grabbed a knife and his stick and began to carve it into a staff. But every so often he heard a word or another giggle and the knife would slip and dig into the wood.

Finally, she strolled back from around the car, the ghost of a smile across her lips. It wasn’t Jake’s smile, and he hated the pool of relief that cooled some of the jealous fire raging in his mind.

NaNoWriMo Day 7:

Passed the 10k mark!

The past two days were a complete wash but an excusable one since my sister and her fiance were in town. But today, I put on my discipline hat and told myself I would get from 7,415 to 11,666.

A Bit About Today:

Well, I failed.

But did I really? I fell short of the goal but I did write over 3,000 words and thoroughly enjoyed my scenes. My progression and my pace also came out of that weird beginning stage I tend to go through, where the characters haven’t fully wandered into the story yet.  Also – romance! Things are starting to get steamy. Literally, there was a very solo, very warm, shower scene.

I’m delirious with words write now which is why I thought I’d keep this sleep addled away from the scene I’m about to write. Tomorrow is another day!

(One of My) Favorite Excerpt:

Pulling up to the McWilliams house was nothing like pulling up to his own. The immaculate landscaping sat against a well swept stone path. The path led up to the Craftsman style home with a red door; it almost fell right out of a Christmas ad, even in late summer.

He used the towel by the door to wipe off Cody, since the towel was probably placed there by the McWilliams for that purpose. He sat his overnight back on the shelf and his jacked on the usual hook by the door.

He couldn’t even make it passed the foyer before Mr. McWilliams had him in a tight hug. The older man pulled back and clicked his tongue. “Those overnighters leave you looking fried kid. Feel free to use the shower.”

“Is that Jake?” Mrs. McWilliams shouted from the other room.

“Half of him. I think he left the other half with the sheep.”

Jake rolled his eyes and followed the woman’s voice into the living room. Benny was already lounging on the u-shaped couch that took up most of the living room and framed the unseasonally lit fireplace.

Vanessa was nowhere to be seen. Not like he was keeping track.

Driving Test III

Benjamin Martin III needed to pass his Driver’s Test. At fifteen, he was not behind his peers per se but he had attempted the test twice…and failed. No one knew this and no one ever would.

He could already hear Sam’s obnoxious jeers. His friend, who had a penchant for stealing cars, would give him a speech about manhood and responsibility. Ben would try his hardest not to punch Sam in the face, and probably fail.

Worse still, Sam would probably taunt him in front of Violet.

Ben gripped the wheel of the familiar sedan. He hadn’t told his parents either. They were on a trip saving the world, or something. Sarah had completed her test the first time around (because Sarah was perfect) and sometimes you avoid comparisons with your sibling when you knew you’d be the one lacking.

The steering wheel was made of leather or some other material that crinkled his palms as he curled his fists. The lady, the same lady as the last two attempts, pulled open the door with a click and slid into the leather. Her meaty arms rubbed against his as she leaned across to put the keys in the ignition.

He could do this.

“You know the route.” The woman stated blandly. Ben read ridicule into her words.

He nodded and switched the car from Park to Reverse. He checked his mirrors, took a deep breath and released the break.

Miami streets were usually busy but at 10am the road was blissfully empty. On his first attempt, he had to react to a car cutting him off and apparently reacted badly. His teeth clenched at the memory and he tried to banish it from his mind.

The ride continued smoothly. So smooth that Ben holds his breath as they turn back into the DMV.

“Three times in three weeks. You must really want this license.” The woman commented to her clipboard.

Ben pulled the car into the lot and moved the gear stick from Drive to Park before answering. He didn’t want to tell this woman that he needed his license for a stupid activism movement. He didn’t want to explain how he and Sam and Violet took on officer roles at Transparent and now he needed to be at Bayfront Park after school every day. He didn’t want to go into the fact that his parents couldn’t take him to Bayfront and Sam’s stolen vehicles were not an option for Violet and, thus, not an option for him.

Instead he shrugged. “If the United Migration already decided to kick us out of this City, I figured I should leave on wheels.”

The woman snorted, shuffling out of the car. “And soon Florida licenses will be a collector’s item.” She smiled like the statement held some incentive but it just made Ben want to drive the car off the nearest dock and into the ocean.

Instead, he returned her smile and waited as the woman checked off her boxes. Finally, she looked up and stated just as blandly as before: “You passed.”

*The character in this prompt is from my WIP novel. This scene is not part of the novel but merely a writing exercise to get my Monday morning flowing.

Monday Writing Prompts-Driving Test

This writing prompt is another one from my upcoming Writing Genre Fiction book and it’s from the chapter titled change the plot. All you need to do is rewrite it so the outcome is different-

Your character is taking their driver’s test for the third time but this time passes it with flying colors.

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