NaNoWriMo Day 1-6

Sunday is for writing.

A bit about week 1:

As with any skill, approaching my fourth NaNoWriMo is indescribably easier than my first or second or third. When I first started, formatting a single scene was difficult. Now, that comes naturally. My current pitfalls are more nuanced: Is this character arc authentic? Is this romantic subplot a crutch? Is my main character a Mary Sue? My most reoccurring question is – WHY IS THIS SO BORING?

And in reality, I know it’s not. It’s just that now I have two other works in progress that I’m more invested in. This story, though growing, is not at its most exciting parts yet while my other two are. But, that’s okay, this one just needs to get there.

What is my NaNoWriMo story about, you may be asking. Well:

A 33 year old woman making 40k in a city that requires 80k to eat– she works two jobs, barely has time to breathe let alone date– gets superpowers.

Current word count: 8,106

Favorite Excerpt: 

But she couldn’t finish her sentence because a person too drunk to navigate down a hallway bumped into her. She tilted forward, off balance, hands reaching out to grab anything nearby to stabilize herself, which ended up being the man waiting in line in front of her.

He gripped her elbows as she knocked against his stomach and chest, hand gripping into his shirt. Man he was tall, and then he was turning to the person that knocked into her and snapping, “Hey, man, watch it. People are waiting here!” The drunk man’s friends escorted him away as the man currently holding her up balanced her back onto her feet. “Are you okay?”

“Fine, fine.” It felt warm this close to his body and her head had curled in, resting against his muscle and she told herself to push away. “Thanks for, uh, catching me.”

The corner of his mouth lifted into a half-smile. “Anytime?”

Amelia chuckled. “Least I can do is let you keep your space in line.”

The man grinned, reaching out a hand between them. “All right, that’s fair. The name’s Jeremiah.”

“Amelia,” she said. “But I’ll keep my hands to myself, I’m pretty sure I already–”

And that’s when they both noticed that his once red shirt had turned blue.

NaNoWriMo Day 7:

Passed the 10k mark!

The past two days were a complete wash but an excusable one since my sister and her fiance were in town. But today, I put on my discipline hat and told myself I would get from 7,415 to 11,666.

A Bit About Today:

Well, I failed.

But did I really? I fell short of the goal but I did write over 3,000 words and thoroughly enjoyed my scenes. My progression and my pace also came out of that weird beginning stage I tend to go through, where the characters haven’t fully wandered into the story yet.  Also – romance! Things are starting to get steamy. Literally, there was a very solo, very warm, shower scene.

I’m delirious with words write now which is why I thought I’d keep this sleep addled away from the scene I’m about to write. Tomorrow is another day!

(One of My) Favorite Excerpt:

Pulling up to the McWilliams house was nothing like pulling up to his own. The immaculate landscaping sat against a well swept stone path. The path led up to the Craftsman style home with a red door; it almost fell right out of a Christmas ad, even in late summer.

He used the towel by the door to wipe off Cody, since the towel was probably placed there by the McWilliams for that purpose. He sat his overnight back on the shelf and his jacked on the usual hook by the door.

He couldn’t even make it passed the foyer before Mr. McWilliams had him in a tight hug. The older man pulled back and clicked his tongue. “Those overnighters leave you looking fried kid. Feel free to use the shower.”

“Is that Jake?” Mrs. McWilliams shouted from the other room.

“Half of him. I think he left the other half with the sheep.”

Jake rolled his eyes and followed the woman’s voice into the living room. Benny was already lounging on the u-shaped couch that took up most of the living room and framed the unseasonally lit fireplace.

Vanessa was nowhere to be seen. Not like he was keeping track.