New Year

She waits; face painted and eyes aglow.  The hand of the clock moves closer to the next year, a new year.  She’s gathered her apparel, adorned her jewels, and is ready to fly over the merriment. For only tonight does she live outside the minds of those who call to her, only tonight.

“Five!” Someone shouts from beyond.

“Four!” The group gets louder, she spreads her wings.

“Three!” They scream now with raised glasses.

“Two!” She hovers, breath caught.

“One!” She takes to the air as a song breaks out. Below her the humans laugh, kiss.

No one notices her vestige, no one sees her garb. Yet they feel her presence. One man twirls his partner, a lady with a wide smile, and proclaims wildly that he will turn a new leaf. A woman grabs her friend’s hand, pulls the smaller frame into a hug and resolves to laugh more. Another man gets down on one knee with a diamond, another woman throws out her pack of cigarettes….

She flies, for sixty seconds and then she disappears.


Fairy by Teatro Escola de Pelotas CC BY 2.0

Written for: Photo Challege #93

An Ocean in Between

-Vampire Zombie

My ears pop as I break through the water’s surface. Where once there was silence, now there is a rush of life: the wind blows, the seagulls cry, on the beach a group of boys swordfight with sticks.

I swam for hours.  My aching limbs are relieved but my mind already misses the stillness only an ocean can provide. Under the water all sight is blurred and all noise is stunted. All needs fade away except for two – keep moving and breathe.

I jumped off the bridge because I had no other option. The two I owed my life are gone; the ones I owed money were coming. I had nothing but my white dress and they wanted to take that first, then what was under it second.

So, I swam.

The boys on the beach stop playing and turn to watch as I emerge between waves. The dress clings to my body, catches in the sun. I must be a sight for their young eyes; one even drops his stick to stare.

I see them, and in them I see the men who chased me off the bridge. Only they are not those men. My knees cut along the sand as my legs give out. The boys run towards me and I try not to fear. This is not that; that was hell, this is freedom.

This was written for Photo Challenge #60 over at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.